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Tiare Tahiti
This season KEENWELL introduces TIARE TAHITI. Tahiti is a land immersed in lush forests, majestic mountains, turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.
The exotic beauty of Tahiti inspires TIARE TAHITI collection, which is dressed with tropical motifs and blossoming flowers.

The name of the TIARE TAHITI collection refers to the delicate “Flower of Tahiti” (Gardenia taitensis) which is the symbol of the region and which is usually offered to visitors as a welcome sign.

The wild beauty of Tahiti and its bright colors come to life this season through the products of the new TIARE TAHITI collection by KEENWELL.

TIARE TAHITI is a luminous, vital, optimistic and energetic collection, for free-spirited, adventurous and confident women, with delicious and vibrant combinations of color and contrasted textures, inspired by the exotic Polynesian landscape, perfect for creating sophisticated and relaxed looks in equal parts, fresh and hyper-feminine, ideal for the warmer season.

TIARE TAHITI proposes a sun-kissed skin, with an exquisite natural luminosity, a dazzling look with flattering monochromatic proposals and graphic lines, sensual and delicate lips, and an elegant and perfect manicure for any situation.
A beautiful skin is the starting point of our seasonal proposal. We bet on a subtly tanned tone, with a touch of natural sun, illuminating the key areas of the face.
EXTRAORDINARY ECLAT Anti-Aging & Ultra-Radiance Color Cream Extremely velvety, lightweight, oil- free texture color cream that features SPF20 protection and delivers powerful anti-oxidant, hydrating and firming actives, with a new generation correcting and brightening pigments to create an ultra-natural radiance for a flawless, perfect skin.

It primes, conceals and reduces the appearance of skin ́s imperfections as fines lines, wrinkles, dark spots, post-acne marks, redness and pores. How to use: after your care treatment, apply on the face and blend with your fingertips, from the center of your face outwards toward your ears. For all skin types.
TERRANOVA New Formula & Color A delicate medium-brown with warm undertones and a soft, champagne shimmery sheen finish that highlights the skin’s natural radiance and accents the tan. Ideal for providing a natural and golden luminosity, and get a radiant and glowing skin, reminiscent of the freshness of a spring morning.

Texture is soft and bendable–very easy to diffuse, and the finish is glowing and luminous, “seamless”, without emphasizing pores. It is delicately scented, has SPF20 and wears well for almost 9 hours. To achieve a very natural effect, it should be gently applied, not as marked as the contouring, on the upper part of the forehead, on the cheekbones and on the chin.
Primer & Makeup Setting Facial Mist Innovative and versatile Multifunctional 4 in 1 Primer & Makeup Setting Water Mist. Inspired by Korean beauty, it is the makeup artist’s best-kept secret. A translucent, ultra- light, non-sticky texture, quick drying and easy to apply waterbased formula. Ideal for all skin types.

With matte finish and a delicate green tea fragrance. Thanks to its film-forming properties, it deposits on the skin an ultra-thin, invisible and extremely pleasant film that, in a single gesture, protects it and provides multiple benefits with professional results.
Calma Desmaquilla Regenera Micellar 3 in 1 Make-Up Remover Serum - its advanced technology in 3 phases perfectly combines facial treatment serum ́s cosmetic benefits, with micellar water ́s excellent tolerance and high cleansing action and softness of oil. Instantly, a perfectly comforted, cared and free of impurities and makeup skin. With natural origin ingredients, ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin. The serum phase (Intermedate layer), with restorative and revitalizing plant extracts, soothes, nourishes and stimulates skin regeneration, leaving it clean, soft and luminous.
LIPSTICK New formula & color Two new sophisticated, bold, blackcurrant scented and long-lasting matte shades that feel weightless and very comfortable on the lips. They keep that “just applied” look for hours.
LIPGLOSS New Colors Ultra light formula Intense & modulable color Vinyl lacquer finish Long-lasting, without migration Non-sticky feel

A flattering, high impact medium fuchsia pink with cool, blue undertones that delivers intensely pigmented color and a sensual vinyl lacquer, ultra shiny finish, that instantly captivates.

A medium coral-beige with slightly warmer undertones and a lacquer finish. It’s a very wearable, casual shade that can be worn with a natural makeup look. A color appropriate for any time of the day. A colour to suit every skin tone and mood.
PACK 1-2
PACK 3-4
    Lips Kit

    Lipstick, in a wide palette of modern and vibrant shades, from elegant neutrals to daring tones, in seducti- ve and modern finishes: creamy, matt, metallic, pearl, vinyl, etc., with variable degrees of coverage, for a fashion look and extraordinary comfort for hours.

    EYE LINER Waterproof

    Eye pencil with a soft, fine, easy-to-apply lead that gives you a perfect line every time. It intensifies your gaze or softly shades around your eyes. Waterproof and long las- ting result.

    Lips Kit
    LIPGLOSS + Invisible Barrier

    High impact liquefied pigment long lasting lipgloss, with multiple effects and finishes: matte, satin, metallic... Its extremely creamy flexible and light moisturizing texture provides a spectacular color, beautiful glide, single stroke coverage and a pleasant feeling of comfort on the lips. Its convenient applicator enables a perfect application.

    Anti-feathering lip liner

    It creates an invisble barrier that delimits the lip contour, keeping lipsticks and glosses from feathering and improving their hold. Result: perfectly defined lips all day round.

    Eyes Kit
    Eyebrow pencil
    Bold Performance Curl Volumizing Mascara
    Bold Performance Curl Volumizing Mascara

    Beauty treatment for eyelashes. Its advanced long-lasting formula with tocopherol, marine collagen, vegetable ceramides and avocado oil protects, nourishes and restructures the eyelashes from the inside, transforming them, making them more beautiful and stronger. Its buildable texture does not clump or make lashes stick together. The polyamide fibers cover each lash, increa- sing its thickness.

    Eyebrow pencil

    Soft pencil that enhances, defines, fills and gives color to the eyebrows, and adds intensity to the look.

    Eyes Kit
    4 Eyeshadow +
    Eyeshadow Primer Base
    4 Colour Eyeshadow

    4 Colour Eyeshadow has a delicate formula. It applies evenly and remains resistant throughout the day and does not migrate into the eyelid folds. A high concentration of tiny dye particles makes the shades intense but delicate. The opaque and pearlescent shades allow contouring, defining, enlarging and enhancing eyes. Combinations perfectly match and combine harmoniously to create the most attractive looks.

    Eyeshadow Primer Base

    Colorless and ultra-light texture Eyeshadow that creates a uniform and smooth film to set the intensity of the colors for a flawless look all day long.

    Skin Kit
    Extraordinary Eclat SPF 20 +
    Dual Coverage Concealer Stick
    Extraordinary Eclat Cream

    Extremely velvety, lightweight, oil-free texture color cream that features SPF20 protection and delivers powerful anti-oxidant, hydrating and firming actives, with a new generation correcting and brightening pigments to create an ultra- natural radiance for a flawless, perfect skin.

    Dual Coverage Concealer Stick

    Versatile and practical concealer with double function: perfecting and correcting. Ultra- light dual formula: a base with vitamin E, aloe Vera, rice and corn extracts that protects skin and attenuates the small imperfections and a color concealer that camouflages them and melts with the skin for an invisible finish. With double application area: face and eyes..

    Skin Kit
    Compact dust

    Sophisticated and innovative compact powder with non-occlusive long lasting formula, newest diffractive pigments, micronized powder and SPF20 that softens and protects skin against pollution and solar radiation. It adapts perfectly to different skin tones. Its modular coverage transforms it into a multi-functional product, perfect not only to sublimate the color, but also to provide a custom tan, define contours or reveal a pearly luminosity ... Its delicate, ultra-light texture, with sophisticated green tea fragrance, slides perfectly and subtly sets for optimum coverage and a flawless make-up all day round.

    4 en 1
    Multifuncional 4 in 1
    Primer & Makeup Setting Water Mist

    Inspired by Korean beauty, it is the makeup artist’s best-kept secret. A translucent, ultra-light, non-sticky texture, quick drying and easy to apply water based formula. For all skin types. With matte finish and a delicate green tea fragrance. It deposits on the skin an ultra-thin, invisible film that protects it and provides multiple benefits with professional results. With antioxidant and antipollution active ingredients, cucumber extract and vitamins B & E moisturizes and protects from pollution, improving its texture, reducing pores and softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles; It delicately refreshes and creates a feeling of well-being, revitalizing skin and adding extra radiance.

    4 en 1
    Micellar 3 in 1 Make-Up Remover Serum
    Technology in 3 phases

    Its technology in 3 phases perfectly combines facial treatment serum ́s cosmetic benefits, with micellar water's excellent tole- rance and high cleansing action and softness of oil. Instantly, a perfectly comforted, cared and free of impurities and makeup skin. For all skin types including sensitive skin. The oil phase (upper la- yer), with antioxidants actives and vitamin E, combats aging, while delicately and effectively eliminates impurities and makeup traces, including long-wearing and waterproof formulas; it doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.

    Nail polish
    Fast dry

    Nail Lacquer; long-lasting, quick-drying nail polish.

An exquisite natural luminosity, a skin bathed by the sun, an impeccable, relaxed appearance.

An Exquisite
Natural Luminosity

“No makeup” makeup is still a trend, but this season is presented in a new way.

Skin shows up sun-kissed, with a healthy, well- rested glow, fresh like just back from the facialist or after a restful night, impeccable, relaxed, without signs of fatigue or imperfections. It is a spring-tanned skin, away from contouring, with no glitter or pearls on the face, only radiant reflections, without artificial “filters”, exquisitely natural.

Bronzer comes back strongly and is applied along the cheekbones, not beneath them to create a chiseled, sculpted by sun effect. Hydration and natural luminosity are the keys to facial care and makeup routine this season.

Hydration and natural luminosity are the keys to facial care and makeup routine this season.

No makeup makeup

All that is required is the application of high quality cosmetics with moisturizing formulas, extremely light textures and very natural finishes such as the EE Cream Spf 20 of Keenwell No02, the Corrector Dual Coverage Concealer Stick No02 and the new Terracota No104.

To moisturize the skin, prepare it for the application of makeup, fix it or refresh it during the day, KEENWELL recommends this season the new Multifunctional 4 in 1 Primer & Makeup Setting Facial Mist.

To cleanse delicate, but effectively, and at the same time take care of the skin of the face, eyes and lips, KEENWELL proposes the new Micellar 3 In 1 Make-Up Remover Serum.

Captivating intense colors or timeless nudes, matte finish or lacquered vinyl for sensual and delicate labs.

¿Labios Mate o Brillantes?
Lips are, along with the eyes, one of focuses of this season makeup trends.
The good news is that this season, you have not to choose.
Both are fashionable. No risk to get caught up in the wrong trend!

Bold Colors
On spring / summer catwalks, intense colors and cheerful bright colors are the statement for lip makeup. Classic red, vibrant fuchsia and coral shades are the favorites for this season.

Red Passion
The main protagonist is, undoubtedly, red color. Different shades of the most passionate color of the palette are extraordinary popular this season.
Red lips – are the perfect complement for any outfit and a slight accent that can turn a daytime look into a sophisticated evening one, and a tender, romantic girl - into a femme fatale. Good news is that this season red lips can be worn from day to night.

Nude Colors
Despite the triumph of more intense colors, the subtlety of nude is also present this season, especially when it is part of minimalist proposals or, conversely, it is combined with a high impact eye makeup.

Glitter Lips
Now glitter is present not only in eye lids, but also in lips. At the same time, it is applied in a sufficiently thick layer, so this trend is suitable only for evening looks.

Extravagant Colors
Extreme, futuristic, unconventional colors: turquoise, bright green, neon orange, intense purple... Make your choice, everything is allowed!

Gore Lips
Dark and sexy colors will also be fashionable, especially the dark purple-almost black.

Soft Blurred Lips
Romantic blurred lips technique, where lip contours are slightly smudged instead of staying perfectly defined-with matte, lacquered or glossy finish- like just-kissed, completes this season’s proposals for lips.
Unlike previous seasons, this spring, the diffused lips are audaciously combined with full of color eyes and cheekbones.

A dazzling look with flattering proposals
monochromatic and graphic lines

Color Block

This season spring-summer 2019, eye makeup “color block” is up-to-the- minute: a single color is applied boldly on the upper eyelid and slightly in the corners of the lower. In many cases, it seems that the color has been applied quickly using the fingertips.

In addition, if in previous seasons simplicity prevailed, this season the eyes are dressed with vibrant and intense colors, both matte and satin. Bright colors and pastels in pink, blue, green and yellow tones dominate this season’s palette, refreshing the look and giving it a touch of romance, innocence, sweetness and expressiveness.

Following this trend, KEENWELL proposes for this season a new 4 EYESHADOW PALLETTE with a fresh and modern range of 4 intense colors, very bright, positioned between pastel and neon: pink cotton candy, mint green, yellow sorbet and sky blue.

Iconic cat-eye liner is back at the beauty forefront this season, though taking on a number of new guises.

NO-Black Cat-Eye
This season, the classic cat-eye reinvents in a neutral key, in nude and taupe hues, and extends and tapers at the outer corners to go almost unnoticed.

Glitter Sparkling Cat Eye
Sparkling hand-applied Swarovski crystals in sharp shapes and eyelids with layers of glitter, framed with semi-circles of black liner were shown on the catwalks.
For a less extravagant and more wearable take on the trend look, try drawing exaggerated flick wings with metallic colored liners and outlining them with a black eyeliner to finish this feline and sexy look.

Double Cat-Eye
A modern take on the classic look is to extend the eyeliner into double ticks.
Why have just one cat-eye flick when you could have two?

Negative-Space Cat-Eye
To give the cat-eye a more sophisticated take, another of the proposals of this season is to draw out thin flicks without filling them in.

Romantic Cat-Eye
One of the most romantic proposals for this spring-summer is to refine the thickness of the outline, drawing it up and lengthen the length of the “flick”.

The Colourful Cat-Eye
Last take on cat-eye proposes to use an inky hue along the lash line before adding a flash of blue, turquoise, lilac or pink through the flick itself.

In The Corner of the Eyes
This season there is a new way to shine! Give out the highlighter and apply eye shadow in a vibrant hues, preferably with a shimmery or iridescent finish, in the inner corner of the eyes, near the tear ducts’ area.

This “eye strobing” technique was already trendy since previous seasons, but this season is given a new life by changing metalized eyeshadow for a pop of intense color.

This makeup proposal, which refreshes the look and brings light, combines perfectly with a face with cheeks sculpted by the sun and lips in bright nude tones. Satin tones of the 4 EYESHADOW PALLETTE are ideal to create this look.

NO-Black Smokey
“Smokey eyes” are reinterpreted in a romantic and chic style with new tones, abandoning the classic black. The favorite tone is brown, elegant and sober, perfectly combines with all skin tones, and is drawn on the eyelid by subtle gradual nuances, which give the look a special intensity.

It opts also for more spring gradations, in sophisticated and feminine shades of orange or pastel pink, coloring the eyelid up to touch the eyebrows.

A lot more natural eyebrows and eyelashes

Bushy Brows
No contours or clear lines - natural eyebrows are the trend; big, bushy, raw, in some places deliberately unkempt.

Put tweezers, wax strips and all hair removal devices into the chest! Simple gel fixer, eyebrow pencil and brush - all you need to stay in trend. To define, fill, color, add intensity and create a natural brow look KEENWELL proposes EYEBROW PENCIL No2.

More Natural Lashes
This season lashes look more natural than in previous seasons. However, that does not mean dispensing with mascara: in the proposals, where the look is the focal point, lashes appear curly, well defined, with volume and length. This spring the main color is black, although colored mascara isn’t going anywhere. Following this trend, KEENWELL presents the new mask BOLD PERFORMANCE CURL VOLUMIZING MASK in black color.

Cheerful and energetic colors and minimalist nails, an impeccable manicure or pedicure.

Catwalks showed a wide variety of nail trends, from simple nails in nude tones to colorful and elegant metallic designs or with extravagant gems.

As for colors, it seems that spring / summer season 2019 have done a flip-flop with neon colors, so cool last season, and gives way to less traditional colors for this time of year, as the elegant black.

Nevertheless, the elegant natural tones (sand, beige), the cheerful and energetic yellows and the vibrant magentas remain trendy.

Nail-art Designs
The proposed nail-art designs for this season are simple and minimalist (a single line, a dot drawn at the center, a darker color applied to the tips of nails, or a stripe traced around the cuticle), and the nails, unlike previous seasons, will be again short.