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Modeling Body System
Code: K6501104

A highly targeted deeply penetrating, fresh, light, readily absorbed texture, anti-stretch mark treatment that strongly improves density and reinforces skin elasticity.

Size: 200 ml.
Main features

It improves skin density and reinforces its elasticity. Reduces the depth of stretch marks, attenuates pink color and rough texture of the skin. It renews, moisturizes and soothes skin, providing a delicate sense of comfort.

How it works

Its restructuring components increase the collagen and elastin synthesis to reinforce the tissue supporting network and to improve its toning. It acts in depth, improving tissue density and reinforcing its elasticity. It reduces and improves stretch marks and skin rough appearance. Its high concentration of essential fatty acids supports cutaneous defense system, provides extra nutrition and regenerates. It induces adipocytes browning process that transform adipocytes that store lipids into adipocytes capable of burning fat.

When to use

Apply daily, morning and night, as a preventive or maintenance treatment to all KEENWELL Modeling Body System professional body treatments, to prevent stretch marks appearance, combat existing ones and prevent their reappearance.

How to use?

Complimentary home regimen. Apply over the area to be treated: abdomen, breast area, thighs, hips, lower back; massage using upwards circular movements, gentle pressing, until fully absorbed.


It reduces stretch marks length, width and/or depth, attenuates their pinky-red color and rough texture. It recovers, moisturizes and soothes skin, providing a delicate sense of comfort.

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