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Premier Professional
Glyco c-50 glycolic acid peeling
Code: K5906005

Glyco – c 50 glycolic acid peeling 50% ph 2,6.
Slightly geloid aqueous texture chemical peeling formulated with aha’s (alpha hydroxy acids). Specifically formulated to treat and care for skin that requires a progressive deep exfoliation.

Size: 10 units - 3 ml.
Main features

It diminishes corneocyte cohesion, reduces stratum corneum upper layers (exfoliation) and promotes cell renewal. It increases hydration and elasticity. it reduces existing pigmentation spots as well as prevents the formation of new ones. Improves superficial alterations, such as expression lines, wrinkles, spots, acne, enlarged pores, marks, scars; revitalizes skin; attenuates first signs of aging and gives complexion luminosity.

How it works

This chemical peel, due to its acidity and its functional ph, works by breaking the protein (keratin, filaggrin, etc.) bridges between the corneocytes, allowing the acid to easily penetrate up to the deepest layers. Once germinative layer is reached, acid stimulate and accelerate cellular mitosis, thus promoting a global epidermal renewal. In addition, when acid penetrates down into various epidermal layers, it carries along water molecules, that will promote and increase hydration. Once the acid has penetrated the skin, it continues stimulating cellular functions, therefore ensuring an excellent anti-aging effect. In addition, chemical peel potentiates the penetration in the skin and thus the efficiency of all the associated keenwell professional treatments.

When to use

Skin with superficial aesthetic alterations: dehydration, chronological and photo-induced aging, thickening of the stratum corneum, impure skin, opaque and / or poorly oxygenated skin.

Special warnings

• Do not perform the treatment if there is any type of infection.
• In the presence of cold sores, completely isolate the area.
• With simple cold sores, recurrent, do prophylaxis, days before, during and after treatment (specific ointment application (acyclovir).
• In case of being under oral medical treatment with isotretinoin, do not perform the treatment.
• In case of being under photosensitizing medication, we recommend a wide spectrum protection sun care products use.
• Do not carry out the treatment in periods with high solar exposure, recommended period of use:  fall to spring.
• Do not use a metal bowl.

How to use?

After cleaning, toning and applying premier pre-peeling degreasing lotion, pour in a bowl (not metallic) the content of the ampoule, and with the help of a fan brush, apply in the area to be treated, avoiding the eye and lip contour area.
Leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes. it is suggested to start with an 6 minutes application (depending on skin type, can be removed at 2, 3 or 5 minutes).
It is important to remove the glycolic acid by rinsing with a wet in cold water towel, repeating at least 3 times. Finish applying premier post-peeling smoothing lotion.

Precautions for use

• Do not apply on lips and eyes
• Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
• Protect micro pigmentated areas, lips, eyes, and damaged and areas with scars.
• Calculate exposure time from first application using an alarm watch.
• Do not leave client unattended while product use.
• Do not exceed the recommended exposure time.
• The maximum time must be considered indicative. in some skin types, exposure time may be less than indicated, to be determined at the discretion of the professional.
• Temove the product with cold water and in the order of application.

Glycolic acid tolerance test

With a cotton pad soaked in premier pre-peeling lotion, rub a centimeter onto the skin in the retro auricular zone.

• Apply in the rubbed zone glyco c-20 / glyco c-35 / glyco c-50.
• Start the treatment by cleaning and toning.
• Check the tolerance of test area to discomfort or itching.
• If there is no reddening or any other sign of intolerance, remove the product from the test area with cold water and proceed with the treatment as indicated in the work protocol.


Immediate and visible improvement of the skin texture, with reduction of pores, increased turgor and skin compactness, reduction of skin roughness, important lightening effect of pigmented areas and improved deep hydration. These benefits become more evident a few hours after the treatment.

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