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Antioxidant restoring night cream -vit. c+c
Code: K5313001

Rich texture night cream. specifically formulated for combination or oily skin, exposed to environmental aggressions, such as pollution and solar radiation, which may cause premature aging.

Size: 50 ml.
Main features

Blocks and neutralizes free radicals, caused by skin cells metabolic functions (ros and rns). Increases oxygenation and activates peripheral circulation. Retains and fixes moisture between keratinocytes. stimulates cellular mitosis and accelerates skin regeneration.

How it works

Molecular active aa2gtm sends an electron to free radicals that neutralizes its harmful effects. The moisturizing actives act at several levels, both on the surface and in the deeper layers, to preserve optimal hydration levels and to enhance tissue regeneration mechanisms. Optimizes oxygen used by cells to supply mitochondrial level with energy. Reactivates peripheral circulation, stimulates skin repair processes.

When to use

Skin with signs of oxidative stress, very damaged skin, skin aging, pigmentation spots and redness, in conjunction with keenwell professional treatments for oxidative stress. As complimentary home regimen product, prior or maintenance to antioxidant or anti-aging cosmetic treatments.

How to use?

Complimentary home regimen. Apply at night, on the face, neck and décolleté, after the cleansing and toning ritual and oxidance - antioxidant intense protection serum vit. c+c.


Visible redness decongestion. Increased skin tone with evident reduction of wrinkles, pigment spots and other signs of aging. Skin repair processes improvement with evident reduction of marks, caused by different alterations. Total recovery of hydration levels for a visibly brighter, even skin, with less wrinkles and fine lines.

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