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Modeling Body System
Code: K6501111

Body serum, formulated with the new “drone technology”, vitamin E spheres, and TRIPLE ACTION: LIPOLYTIC, DRAINING & ANTI-ACCUMULATION.

Its exclusive formula acts expressly on adipose tissue, where fat is stored.

It stimulates microcirculation, favors the elimination of excess fluids from skin tissues, activates lipolysis, mobilizing accumulated lipids and blocking their storage to effectively combat fat (both localized and generalized), preventing the formation and / or the reappearance of new adipose tissue, reducing body volume to rediscover the essence of a perfect silhouette.

Size: 250 ml.
Main features

It contains the advanced LPD'S SLIMMING and LIPOREDUCTYL delivery systems, with powerful encapsulated lipolytic, draining and anti-accumulation ingredients that actively reach the “target” cells, adipocytes, to be released into them, in the most effective and efficient way to combat fat.

With Unislim ™ that activates lipolysis and blocks lipid storage to promote body volume reduction.

In addition, it contains sophisticated plant actives, avocado oil and vitamin E spheres with detoxifying, hydrating, antioxidant and regenerating properties to improve hydration, elasticity and skin texture.

For all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Its light, fast-absorbing texture melts into skin, providing unmatched comfort and softness, without leaving greasy residue.

Its delicate fragrance provides a unique sensory experience.

It can be applied to different parts of the body: arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks…

Compatible with its combined use with liporeducting and anti-cellulite treatments.

How it works

The advanced dron cosmetic technology, with encapsulated plant extracts, is a delivery system that actively reaches the “target” cells, the adipocytes, to release the active in them, in the fastest and most effective way. Drone technology is smart technology, targeting only when needed, avoiding unwanted interactions with secondary cells. Drone technology releases active ingredients where they are needed to increase their bioavailability and achieve results, in the most optimal dose and in the shortest time frame. It also improves the penetration of the active ingredients, increasing their effectiveness and improving their tolerance.

When to use

Complimentary home regimen use.  Apply daily, morning and night, as a preventive or maintenance treatment to all Keenwell Modeling Body System professional body treatments.

How to use?

Twice a day, apply to the area to be treated (hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms ...) using upward circular massages, exerting light pressure, until completely absorbed.


It reduces body volume and contributes to reshaping the silhouette by acting on adiposity and fluid retention and favoring the reduction of fat accumulations for professional results at home.

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