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Code: K5620001

3 cartridges of warm wax (roll-on).professional heater. Exclusive for 110 ml. KEENWELL roll-on wax cartridges.
Temperature controlled by thermostat | Measures: 170 x 160 x 230.5 mm.
Total weight: 1 Kg.  | Voltage: 110-240 V | Power: 20 W | Cable: 1.50 m.

Size: Weight: 1 kg.
Main features

Base with 3 independent connections that allows three cartridges of depilatory wax in Keenwell roll-on simultaneous load. Thermostat regulated temperature. Heats in a few minutes and maintains the wax recommended application temperature until disconnected. It guarantees a practical hair removal without interruptions, to help improve beautician productivity and time.

How it works

Independently heats 3 roll-on wax cartridges, in a few minutes, and keeps them at the optimum application temperature, between 36º and 40ºC, all throughout the waxing proccess.

When to use

In all the professional treatments of KEENWELL Debipil Method, in which we use KEENWELL roll-on warm wax.

How to use?

Professional use. Load the roll-on wax cartridges into the cartridge holder and place them in the heater; connect the lower part of the cartridges to the connector base. When the wax starts to warm up, the appliance’s switch is activated and switches off when the wax reaches the proper temperature, which is automatically adjusted every 20 minutes.


It heats three roll-on cartridges at once, to facilitate beautician´s work, which will have at her disposal perfectly prepared wax with the proper application features, both in texture and in temperature, to perform successive waxing service.

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