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Modeling Body System
INTENSIVE TREATMENT - Abdomen Toning & Definition (Cool Effect)
Code: K6501109

High effectiveness cool effect gel that accelerates the elimination of localized in waist and abdominal area fat, and prevents its reappearance. Non-greasy texture, easy to apply and quick absorption, it reduces, firms and tones up for perfectly defined abds.

Size: 200 m.
Main features

Its fast action advanced formula, with an exclusive concentration of slimming and toning active ingredients, which help to normalize lipolytic activity, stimulates the adipose tissue fat-burning mechanism and works as an internal personal trainer to tone skin tissues, reduce localized fat and prevent new fat cells development.

How it works

Its powerful ultra-concentrated formula combines 3 main assets:

Lipout TM, thanks to its content in xanthophylls and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it activates the browning function of white and beige adipocytes and stimulates thermogenesis to burn fats from adipose tissue for a remarkable reduction of subcutaneous fat. It also increases skin elasticity and firmness skin. (Results test in vivo: thickness of the subcutaneous fat significantly reduced in 52.0% after 28 days of use and 66.5% after 56 days of use, compared to placebo, improvement of firmness in upper layers in 31.7% at day 28th and 43.2% at day 56th, firmness improvement in deeper layers in 17.3% at day 28th and 24.1% at day 56th compared with placebo).

Algisium C® optimizes skin organization and architecture, where it acts at various levels: epidermis, dermoepidermal junction, dermis and hypodermis, stimulating cellular metabolism and collagen production, preserving hydration levels, and exerting an important lipolytic and anti-glycation action to provide elasticity and firmness to the skin. Algisium C® also enhances the benefits of the rest of active ingredients used in the formula.

Actigym TM marine ingredient is a biotechnological active that mimics the effect of endurance exercise training by increasing adiponectin release, enhancing mitochondrial activity and increasing ATP levels in muscle fibers for a significant reduction of fold and contour in waist and abdomen. Actigym TM improves muscle tone and reshapes figure.

The “modeling intensive toning and abdominal definition treatment” powerful active ingredients synergy stimulates lipolytic processes and vasomotor gymnastics to promote the reduction of localized fat in waist and abdomen, improve skin tissues tone, redefine the zone and get a flat stomach with a firm, perfectly marked abdominal muscles.

When to use

Prevention and treatment of localized fat and lack of tone and firmness localized in waist and abdomen. In sync with Modeling Body System Professional Treatments.

How to use?

Complimentary home regimen use. Apply on clean skin, with rapid and circular massage in the abdominal area until completely absorbed. After its application, you will feel a pleasant sensation of freshness, a sign of its cosmetic effectiveness. It can be used before, during or after physical training. To optimize the results, use twice daily, morning and night, consistently and regularly.  The efficiency of Modeling Abdomen is intensified if its use is combined to regular physical activities.


Day after day, taut, flat and ripped, perfectly defined, six pack abs.

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