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Code: K5606001

Warm depilatory wax in practical roll-on format for a more hygienic (1 single use) and comfortable hair removal with professional results. Indicated for normal skin, especially sensitive to heat. Recommended use on legs, arms, back, abdomen and chest. It is not recommended to use in facial area, bikini (groin) and underarms.

Size: 110 ml.
Main features

Formulated with a superior blend of high quality resins and natural waxes, with a semi-fluid texture, which does not dry; it has great flexibility and excellent adherence to hair to facilitate its extraction.

How it works

Unlike hot wax, its semi-fluid super-adherent texture does not dry, so it should be removed with paper strips.  Its application temperature is between 36-40ºC, which makes it ideal for the depilation of skins especially sensitive to heat. This temperature is enough to expand the pores and extract the hair from the root, in a practically painless way, slowing down its reappearance for professional, perfect and lasting results.

When to use

Professional use. After cleaning with Pre-Depil Gel , proceed to professional hair removal with Wax Roll-On Honey.

How to use?

Insert the cartridges in the Keenwell Trio Heater, in order the wax to reach the optimum waxing temperature (36º-40ºC). Before applying, test a small amount of the wax on the inside of the wrist to make sure that the application temperature is correct (warm and pleasant). Apply a thin layer of wax, in the direction of hair growth. Immediately apply the cloth strip over the waxed area pressing it firmly in the direction of hair growth. Hold skin taut with one hand and pick up lower end of the strip with the other hand. In one smooth motion, pull the strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Pull the strip parallel to the line of the body, not up away from the body.


Heat exclusively in KEENWELL TRIO HEATER.
Do not apply a second layer over the wax, roll-on always doses the right amount.
Do not use on varicose veins, moles, chapped skin, irritated or burned by the sun, or on skin that has previously presented an adverse reaction to other waxes.
Do not sunbathe after waxing.


Practically painless and smooth with professional results hair removal. Hydrated and perfectly maintained skin, without irritations.

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